Thomas (The MacKenzie Brothers, #2) - Liliana Hart

I didn't like Thomas as much as I liked Dane. Still a great story, but not as good as Dane. As I read the series I'm still confused on the order of the Mackenzie guys. I believe Thomas is the youngest. Thomas is the doctor of the family. He took over the local practice of Surrender. He also is the one that resides in the family home. While working on the family home there's an accident and this marks Cat's crashing into Thomas's life. I didn't like Cat as much either. She was just too far fetched for me. I get that her career choice occurs every day, but still. They also just jump in so fast that it's kind of unbelievable. They just go for it. There's not really any preamble or anything... just jump for it. That kind of bugged me. At least their way did. Although they were still definitely hot!

Again, it was a good book. A short, steamy read if that's what your looking for. It was also still a fun one to read. Check it out!