Bout of Books


So I have been sucking like majorly since the beginning of the year. I took on more hours at work plus another position... I'm working 11 hours a day at 3 different schools at this point. My challenges are behind and I'm just constantly tired and this summer is probably not going to be any better. *Sighs* Adulthood sucks for hobbies. Anyway... I'm still participating in Bout of Books. I love it! I'm keeping my goals light though...



Read 2 books

Participate in 2 Challenges

Participate in at least 1 Twitter Chat


Like I said... keeping it light. I have several ARCS to finish for the Clean Sweep, but I know at this point I may not get them all done. I'm going to read at least one for Bout of Books. So have fun, happy reading and good luck with your goals!



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Total number of books I've read: 0
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