Lucky Number Four - Amanda Jason

Pandora (Dora) has a pretty odd life to say the least. Her roommate and their other best friend just got married and do nothing but have sex all the time... not something Dora wants to see or hear or walk in on... Her mom's a psychic, yes I just said that. Her grandmother's are both crazy in their own ways. Dora's full-time school schedule has her going bonkers too... it's just time for a change. The moving out kind. On her search for a new apartment, she finds the perfect one. She doesn't realize just how perfect until she goes to look at it. Meet the roommates... Drew, Colin and Liam. All three are gorgeously hot male models. They want Dora as their roommate. They love her and they'll get her... this just all becames one crazy story you'd have toread to believe.

The book blurb is what drew me to the book... come on three hot males models determined to get this one girl as their roommate. Not gonna lie my brain came up with all kinds of dirty ideas. And it just sounded like it could be hilarious... I really wanted to love this book, but I didn't. There is most definately a story to be told and a great one. There are a lot of things I really liked, I just didn't like or connect with how it was told.

I liked Dora's name. It was unique and one I have only seen used maybe one or two times before. I like that. It started out very promising, but... it was way too cookie cutter nice for me. It's a girl moving in with three guys... to me there should have been I don't know more maleness to it even with a female telling the story. It's an adult book, but in no way felt like it. The sex scenes were good. Just so many aspects of the book were unrealistic. it just got to me. It's an adult book more cursing is ok. Sex and nudity... especially living with three guys... is ok. I did however like how the love interest was written. I loved how you never actually knew which one of the guys was head over heels for Dora. I liked how it was found out too... it was just fun to guess and watch. That I liked and the overall story i loved. It just did not feel adult or even new adult to me. It really felt like a YA book and the author just decided to throw in sex to make it NA or Adult. I don't like how that makes the NA genre sound either with as much of a battle has been waged against it not being YA with sex. That it's its own genere because it really is. This book just did not help that with its overall feel and tone. The author had a great story, it just needed to be told a little better in my opinion. it just wasn't a book for me.