Bitter Sweet Love - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Bitter Sweet Love was a great opener for a new seres. Of course it is a series by JLA, so who can expect otherwise. I was a little reserve going into this one because well... gargoyles. I am not a huge fan of gargoyles... like at all. I never even thought to consider them. But of course, Jennifer L. Armentrout can make them interesting.

Jas and Dez grew up together. Dez wasn't just Jas's crush, she loved him and then he left her. Now three years later he's back and Jas's father is saying that Jas and Dez are to be mated. Um.. what? Dez wants to pick up where they left off, but Jas has other ideas. Jas has seven days to consider this match and except or turn it down. Dez left her for three years and hurt her, Jas wants to protect her heart from that pain again and thqat's hard to do since Dez is a whole lot hotter than three years ago... plus that chemistry, still there, so now Dez needs to prove to Jas that he still loves her and will be there. He just has seven day to prove that... on her condtions.

As I sad this was a great opener. It really layed out the ground work for the series. It gave you an understanding of how their way of life works and how things are ran. It also let you know what exactly was going on in their world. Bitter Sweet Love introduced us briefly to the charcter's of the upcoming books. Even with all the information that was layed out for us, it was not a boring novella at all. It was action packed and fun. It was sweet and romantic.

Dez is hot! Very hot... what JLA character isn't though? I loved his personality. He was all protective of not only Jas, but his people. He had some issues, but he's working on those and we get his reasoning behind walking away for a while. I totally got it and loved him more for it. Jas... LOVED. She has the classic JLA character snark and just fun. She has a big heart and I admire her curiosity. I understood her reasons for being hesitant with Dez and loved her for it. She didn't just fall all over him, she made him work for it. I loved her for it. I'm really hoping that these two end up with their own full length book or maybe even just another novella. I think they should have more to their story, they're just too awesome of characters for that to be it.

This is a great read and a quick read. It's full of energy and fun and romance. It gives readers great groundwork for the upcoming series and adds some excitement to the new series. At this point, i'm really interested to see how she is going to tell more gargoyle stories because of how this novella turned out. I'm curious now. Gargoyles... who'd a thought?! This is unique to me and I'm really interested to see how it turns out.