All the Truth That's in Me - Julie Berry

Four years ago, Judith and her friend Lottie disappeared from Roswell Station. 2 years ago, only Judith returned. She returned mutilated and changed for the rest of her life. She is forced to live in silence and observe the world around her. She silently tells everything to the boy she's loved since childhood, Lucas. Read as Judith learns to deal with her scars, deal with life and learn to be silent no more. 

All The Truth That's In Me in an amazing book. It's gritty and dark... as the cover says, riveting. I really enjoyed the way it was written. It was unique and very fitting for Judith's character. It was almost like journal entries. It was the perfect way to write Judith's story. I really felt for her. Judith had to endure so much, even after she came home, and it just wasn't fair. She had to sit in silent misery and be treated how she was and watch the boy she loved.

I got so angry at the people around her, but came to love a few. Judith's brother, Darrel, is such a pitz. He really does some stupid things, but you really begin to see how much he loves his sister. I really started to like him for how he treated Judith and helped her. Maria I started out not being able to stand, but by the end loved her as well. I liked seeing Maria decide to be her own person and the person Maria becomes is great. She is truly caring and independent, she becomes a great friend and what she does for Judith really got to me. Lucas I fell in love with. At first I didn't get it. Judith shared snippits of before she was taken and you could see the bond and friendship Lucas and Judith had. Before it seemed as though he truly loved her. After Judith returns though, I wanted to smack him upside the head. I get that fear gets the best of people and I get that the rules of the time period in which the story is told are different. I get it, I do... but if he loved her... Lucas grew on me and as I said I fell in love with him. He was a great guy.

Judith herself was an absolutely amazing character. I admired her strength the most. She endure so much heartbreak in the begiining and so much pain. I wanted to yell at the ignorant people around her for how they treated her and thought of her. It was horrible. The time period the book takes place in is a horrible one in my opinion. You had to be a strong person. Judith was intelligent and kind. For all the things she was put through by those around her, she still thought of them. She helped so many. I really loved her for the person she was.

All The Truth That's In Me is a book that will have you pulled in right away. It is uniquely written and touches all your emotions. It's a quick read and deep. It's filled with great characters and some you'd like to kill. As things unfold and Judith's story is told... as we find out what happened to her and Lottie it takes some unexpected turns. I really didn't expect what happened when it all came out. It really is a great story that deserves to be read time and time again.