Angel's Halo - Terri Anne Browning

I have been following and reading Terri Anne's Rocker's series for a while now and love it, so when I heard she was doing a new series I was all "YAY! Let the hapy dancing ensue". Then I read what it was about and came to an abrupt halt. I am not big on bikers... like at all. I've watched the documentaries galore with my husband and I just... no. Their world... no. I... even though hot guy is a lead... haven't even jumped on the Son's of Anarchy craze. BUT it's Terri Anne and I had to read it. I paid attention to her teasers and it got my curiosity going. So when I could I picked it up. I was NOT disappointed!

Raven has been raised by bikers. Having lost her mother at an early age, she was raised by her biker dad and older brothers. Raven's dad being the president of their biker club, Angel's Halo. Growing up with brother's meant growing up with their friends... intro Bash. Raven had loved Bash for as long as she could remember. Something about him... his intensity and just him. But Raven is off limits. There's even a law for the club proving her off limits. This rule stands even after her father passed and her oldest brother & her older brother Jet takes over sliding Bash in as enforcer. Bash knows the rules... No One touches Racven Hannigan. But Bash can't avoid her. Bash knew the rules when her began to go for Raven and Raven knew what would happen to Bash if they were caught. But love has a way of making everything worth. The inevitable happens and the broken rule gets handled... but afterwards, Bash leaves. Leaving a very broken hearted Raven to fix herself. After years of putting herself back together, things go horribly wrong in Raven's life and Bash is thrown right back into her life during a not so easy time. Things have changed for Raven, Bash's life has changed, and Raven finds out that his reasons for leaving are not what she thought.

This was a great intro story with some really great characters. Strong, intense characters who don't half ass anything. Raven is cool. She is a badass with a vulnerable side and I really like that. Bash is just plain badass. There are a whole list of characters to talk about here, but I'm going to stick with them for now. 

Terri Anne actually did this story a little differently. I love when she does dual POV BUT this one included multiple POVs. It was very well done and I really liked it. There were some things that I was kind of meh about. I felt like the club background wasn't quite so accurate. My husband has made me sit through all those gang shows on the History Channel time and time again... especially the biker ones for some reason. She touched on a lot of true things, but for some reason they just felt... too fictional. Even the reality bits I read about how things are run and the sex. How "untouchable" they were. I figured we'd see more police involvement on things. It just didn't feel real at times. Now as usual though Terri Anne Browning wrote some really steamy sex scenes. She has a way with those scenes where they don't seem too over done or obscene. 

Overall, Angel's Halo was a great book and I'm looking forward to the next installment in this series. I think it will be a great series for her. And now I plan on reading or trying a few other biker books lol.