Neil Burger

Production Company: Lion's Gate

Release Date: March 21, 2014

Stars: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jai Courtney, Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet... to see full cast and crew you can view their IMDb page.


Divergent was AMAZING! Allow me a moment please to fangirl, squeal and scream please *Insert freak out here*. I joined this a little late because of my own stupidity in putting down Divergent before finally deciding I had to read it. I was so, so very stupid. I reviewed the book and raved about how much I loved it and going into the movie I was worried that it wouldn't live up to the book. It's hard to go from book to movie. Very hard. I have to say that Divergent was done very well. I have gone back and forth on how to review it to where it'll make sense because when I think about the movie my mind goes crazy! So.. I'm taking the "What I loved and my complaints approach" because... well let's face it, there's always going to be a few complaints. Also, I am trying to do this as SPOILER FREE as I possibly can. Things may be pretty vague, but some might come off a little spoilery and I'm sorry for that, but I am trying. It's hard to summarize all this awesome!

First, the sets and costumes were perfect! I wondered how they were going to pull off the clothing because the factions kind of chose a scheme and went with it and most were very monochromatic. Veronica Roth actually stated this worry herself on her blog. Perfectly done. The costumes completely represented the factions as they were done inthe book. I pictured it a lot like they were done. Sets were amazing. It was also much like I had pctured while reading. My vision of the Pit and Chasm were a little different, but honestly not by much. I really liked it all. They kept those things very true to the book.

The cast was spot on... perfect! I was a little hesitant about who was casted for Al and Will because I thought the should be switched, but I was wrong. They were well represented. I thought both actors did amazing jobs. I'm still sad that Uriah, Marlene and Lynn were left out, but not that sad anymore. I like how they changed things up and went about it. It fit. Their enitre cast fit their rolls and I honestly don't think I have seen any of the book adaptions cast so well. I cannot express how perfect each cast member fit their roll. Jai Courney, Mekhi Phifer, and Kate Winslet made great "baddies". I kind of knew Jai would make a good one because well he's just bad ass... but Kate Winslet I did not think could ever pull off being the bad guy. She did. Kate Winslet made a great Jeanine. Tris's family was casted perfectly as well. You could honestly believe that they were related based on looks and personalities. Ashley Judd just... left me speechless. I loved Natalie in the book... a lot... and to me she was very important. Ashley Judd really embodied her and brought her to life for me. I... don't know what more to say or how else to express that. And Shailene and Theo... holy freaking chemistry! They had AMAZING on screen chemistry... chemistry cannot be acted, it's just there and if the actors don't have it... bomb. They truly had it. The brought Tris and Four to life! They truly became Tris and Four... look, personalities, chemistry, magnestism... just wow! I loved them not only together, but as each their own. Shailene Woodley as Tris was so perfect it was scary and the same for Theo James. He really is Four. The production company did so well casting Divergent and bringing Divergent's character's to life. I applaud you... standing ovation.

Of course, as these things go, thing have to be changed. I mean how the hell can you fit Divergent into two hours? It's just packed full of awesome. It's fact. As I said above, the no casting of Uriah, Marlene and Lynn ended up not bothering me at all. They made changes in that regard that really were great. They did take the violence down a notch. Divergent was pretty dang violent, but the movie really did tone it down. But they did not miss any of the Dauntless intensity AT ALL! There was some dialogue towards the end that is in the book BUT they tweaked it just a little and I honestly thought that that was a better way to do it. As in, I liked that way better than the book way... HOLD THE PHONE... yes I just said that. To me it fit the charcters better. The movie hits the major scenes that I really wanted to see, but did take out some of the little stuff I wanted to see. Also... thanks to my very attentive husband... I did catch a couple editing things. Little things... that were dumb. Like brusiing and bleeding one minute gone the next, but apparently he wasn't the only one who caught it because I have actually seen a couple other reviews stating they caught it. Editors... you have got to expect the people who read the book to analyze every detail they can! For shame, lol. There was a little changing of who did what, but nothing that ruins anything at all. As I have said this movie was AMAZING and I cannot say it enough. It did however feel kind of rushed... yes, I know above I said "how to fit Divergent into 2 hours" and yes I know that it's gonna be squished in there, but it felt like they rushed through it at times. I also wanted more of Four and Tris. A lot more. They did amazing with character building and world building, but their relationship I felt was a little lacking in the build and show. Now for their chemistry together... Fireworks, fircrackers, volcanic, dynamite... the chemistry was SOOO there. BUT as I said I wanted more of their build too and for that I did knock a half a star and took my plus away from my A. I needed that in the movie.

Have I mentioned how much I loved Divergent? No? I FREAKING LOVED IT! No change could stand in the way. I had to think about that for a while, but ultimately... no. The changes will not sway me. It was truly an amazing movie adapted from an EPIC book and it was brilliantly and beautifully done. I will be pre-ordering it and possibly seeing it again in theaters. I mean come on guys... I posted the ticket stub on my Instagram. Yep. I loved it. Please people go see it and support it.

WE NEED INSURGENT... which from what I have caught here and there, *looks around and covers mouth to whisper* March 2015!