Come Undone - Madelynne Ellis

****Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins, UK/Avon Mischief for providing a copy for review****

Daniella Fosbrook, or Dani, has harbored a love for the goth metal band Black Halo for a long time. Even when it wasn't allowed. She especially loved front man Xane Geist. When attending a Black Halo concert things go a little crazy for the band and the unexpected happens... Dani runs into Xane... literally. Xane seeking a way to runaway decides to ask the girl who snuck backstage to help him runaway from the mess known as Black Halo. Neither expects something to become of it. Dani because she's well... Dani and Xane because he has sworn off love. Well... that is easier said than done. Dani and Xane both try to hang on to their hearts... and clothes... as their chemistry erupts and things go a bit insane. Come Undone is told from the dual POV's of Dani and Xane.

I actually ended up reading this one twice. It was an enjoyable book with enjoyable characters and it was definitely steamy. Ellis left no stone unturned when it came to Dani and Xane's sexual chemistry. She filled the book with a lot of great characters and a few that I was not so fond of as well. Xane and Dani themselves were great characters. I did get annnoyed with Dani at times because she could be close-minded about things, but I did understand it since that mainly had to do with her upbringing. Xane was a little wild, but all in all a great character. His band, however, got quite annoying. Ash I didn't mind, but he grated on my nerves a lot. The next book for release is Ash's and I do intend to read it though. Maybe that will give me a little more incite to the mind of Ash. Spook I really liked, but the rest of the group got annoying.

Come Undone as a good book that did end in a bit of a cliffhanger and with somethings I did not expect to happen happening. Overall it was a good book and I will be reading more of this series and the series about the band.