Fading - E.K. Blair

I had seen many reviews go up for Fading and it looked really good. Then I saw a blog post for the tour with a playlist and I decided that I would indeed give it a try. I love to read books when they have a playlist with them, to me that helps set the mood or tone of a book and really helps get into a book. So I bought it and it sat on my Kindle for a long time. 

Fading follows the story of a girl named Candace Parker through her senior year of college at the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a ballet dance major and has always played it safe. Until her best friend Kimber convinces her to loosen up and have some fun. This decision leads to events that change Candace's life forever. Candace has to face something that no person should have to face and overcome. But these tragic events lead her to someone who pushes her to be better and do better. Ryan Campbell doesn't settle down. He has his secrets and his scars that he keeps to himself and he likes it that way. But one event changes him and one person changes him forever.

The characters of Fading were really great. E.K. Blair did a great job with her character building. Candace was a good character. She ended up going through something tragic that undoubtedly changed her forever. At first she let it run her, but she really does conquer it. E.K. Blair kept thing very accurate and real too. I liked that. It wasn't this miraculous recovery... an "oh I'm over it moment". Things took to a real timeline. Ryan I really enjoyed. He just understood Candace. He was a great guy trying to get over his own issues and does a great job of it. The support E.K. Blair gave him, in the form of his family and friends, were really great and I could see a person really overcoming the things he does the way he does and at the pace he does. Kimber, Candace's best friend I wasn't too fond of. I got it... I really did... but I just think she could have dealt or handled things better. Then there's Jase, Candace's other best friend or maybe true best friend, I think he was my favorite in the book. He really became Candace's rock and I loved how he would try to push her. Jase truly cared for Candace and tried to help her in any way. He wasn't judgmental. I loved him. Then Jase's boyfriend Mark... also great. 

E.K. Blair did a great job with this book. She really kept it realistic and put her story into a real setting. She kept everything as accurate as she could and I love when an author does this. She really did her research on things and I have a huge respect for someone who does this for their readers. To me it makes a book like Fading more enjoyable and real. It deals with issues that happen every day, that many people try to avoid or sugar coat. E.K. Blair did not sugarcoat. 

Overall, Fading was a great book that I feel should be read by lovers of the New Adult or Adult genres. It is gritty, emotional and beautiful all in one. It is an enjoyable read and though it is quite long a fast read.