Okay, so... a while ago I won a Downpour Audiobook Credit from the Book Nympho and ever since I've been looking for that audiobook. I have scoured Downpour and I just cannot decide. I was stuck on Cinder for a while, but I just don't know if it's something I'd like. Then I thought about Shatter Me, but a friend of mine recommended that I read it because the writing style is amazing and different and I'd really appreciate it. Then I've had people mention a few books I have already read and telling me it would give me a different perspective or take... that would be cool and is probably true but I want something new. I'm just stuck. I even thought of getting one I tried to read, but just could not get through. I just don't know! SO I'm reaching out for Audiobook recommendations... I usually read YA, NA or Adult sub-genres of Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, a little dystopian, some horror... you can see from my shelves I range quite a bit... I just don't like heavy fantasy. I'm open to anything really... so leave me a comment and let me know what you'd recommend. Lindsey