Take Control of Your TBR Pile 2014


So here we are again! I love the month long read-a-thon's... they're great! I like this one because I can make it a goal to really dig into the books I've had sitting around forever or loaded on my Kindles for so long I forgot they were there. I originally signed up using my Goodreads, but I will be keeping up mainly on here. I will be making my updates and my wrap up with this post too. So let's get started with my goals...



Read 1 book a week for all of March

Read a minimum of 850 pages

Keep up with updates and reviews!

That is my start. I'm hoping to go above and beyond my goals, but work has taken away most of my reading time at this point. Plus stress has kept me from getting into books all that well. Updates will be kept on this post too.



Week 1-

Read 1 Book. All the Truth That's In Me

Week 2-

Had something come up and didn't get a book read until the end of the week during the Ides of March. I read Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Week 3-

I didn't read a book. I'm behind, but I am almost done with one and plan on finishing another by the end of the week as well. I will be caught up by the end of week 4!



So I didn't fair as well as I would have liked.

Books Read: All The Truth That's In Me, Divergent and a novella Dane (I'm not sure the novella counts, so I actually didn't include it in the page count)

Pages Read: 599


Again not as well as I wanted, but taking ANOTHER posistion at work on for more hours does that. It was still fun and I will definitly be participating again next year!