VA VA VOOM Get out those romances you've being hoarding or piling onto your TBR pile, it's time for the Va Va Voom Read-a-thon! This one is scheduled from Thursday February 6 to Monday February 10. It should be fun! If you're tweeting about it, it's hash tag is #VaVaVoomRAT! Since I have been doing HORRIBLE with reading the past few weeks thanks to an overly active life filled with consuming amounts of stress, my goals are going to stay light. Really light. And I'm praying I get to surpass what I set for myself. The books may also change if I can get my hands on a certain couple... *schemes & mumbles to self like a crazy person*. 



Read Drew + Fable Forever

Read My Life Next Door


The one has been on my currently reading shelf FOREVER and I have hardly peeked at it. Horrible... I know. I'd be happy even just getting that one done. Hopefully I can get them both and do another, but we shall see. 

So.. everyone participating I wish you luck on your goals. I hope you have fun. And happy reading!