All the Pretty Poses  - M. Leighton

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I adore M. Leighton. I love her books and she has to be one of my favorite authors of all time. She never disappoints... and she definitely did not disappoint with All the Pretty Poses!

Kennedy Moore had her life shattered by Reese Spencer 14 years ago. She has worked hard to pick up the pieces of her life and to make something of herself. SHe has dreams and goals and she is determined to achieve them. Little does she know that one of the stepping stones to her dream dance career... dancing in an elite gentlemans club... will bring her face to face with Reese after all this time.Seeing Kennedy again throws Reese through a massive loop. He doesn't know what to do... until he offers her something she can't refuse... a chance to reach her dreams. All she has to do is avoid Reese and she can do that.. right? Al Reese has to do is have another whirlwind romance with Kennedy to get her out of his system...right? Little do they realise that their lives are going to take HUGE turns and things come to light that they never saw coming.

I really noticed Reese in All the Pretty Lies whenever he talked to Hemi. There was something about him that could really draw a person in and I wanted more of him. I was so excited about All the Pretty Poses being about Reese. At first I though Reese was a massive ass. He really was. And I didn't like him. That COMPLETELY changed as the book went on. I quickly fell in love with Reese and started to see that Reese really had no idea what he was doing relationship wise. He didn't have the best examples growing up. Plus his father really had a handle on him. I began to love the person Reese was becoming and his personality. And my God was the man HOT! Very hot! Kennedy was pretty great too. I liked her personality. HSe was a very strong person, but could admit she had vulnerabilities. She knew herself and knew how to overcome so much. I was shocked to learn everything she had gone through and my heart really went to her.

I LOVED that we got to see Hemi and Sloane! I really enjoyed how Leighton wrte them inot the story. I can't stand to see former main characters whom are major parts to the current main characters lives just mentioned. I hate it. To me they should be in the story a lot. I just wish we could see Hemi's reaction to everything with his brother. Him and Reese really did have a decent relationship and I hope we get to see Hemi's reactions to all that occurred in All the Pretty Poses. And Sig... GOD I am so excited that she next book is his! BEyond excited. We got to know him in Al the Pretty Lies, but more so in All the Pretty Poses. Mainly his personality and I love him!

All the Pretty Poses is probably the best written and hottest book I have read in a while. The sex was hot! Way hot! But yet it was done with class. I loved it! The romance too. They have great chemistry and the way Leighton can write chemistry is amazing. It was done really well and I really enjoyed it. This is one series that I would give an arm or a leg to have signed copies of every book to be released in the series. I have probably missed so many things that need to be addressed about this bok, but none are bad. I really never found anything negative about it. I absolutely LOVED it! It truly blew me away. The twists and turns I really never saw coming... especially the last. I bawled! It kept me guessing and kept me an emotional wreck just trying to figure everything out. It was great! Thank you for such an amazing story with such amazing characters! This series is one I will read like crazy and shout to the world about from the top of rooftops!