Tamara from Shelf Addiction and Stephanie from Love. Life. Read, two of the gals apart of Read-a-Thon Central are teaming up together to bring together a snuggle fest of a Read-a-Thon to kick off your new year!


The Details:

When: it will be happening: Friday, January 25 to Sunday, January 26

Where it's Happening: your comfy couch, bed or where else you enjoy reading

What You Need to Do Participate: Read, share with us your progress, however you choose to participate--it is you to YOU to decide! This a no-pressure read-a-thon/snuggle fest.  


That info was taken from Shelf Addictions website For sign up puposes. This one leads Iinto A Winter's Respite Read-a-thon,  so it works for me... love a good read-a-thon.