Real  - Katy Evans

Brooke Dumas is a Sports Rehab Specialist who got drug to an underground fighting event by her best friend who is obsessed with that leagues champion fighter... Remy "Riptide" Tate. She did not expect that attending this event would change her life.

Brooke's life was set to go one way and then ended up going a complete different route, but she is working with it. Just out of college she has been looking for a job, but getting called to Remy's room that is the last thing she expects... a job offer. This job becomes the hardest thing she has ever endured with the amount of sexual tension that builds and just keeps building because Remy doesn't make a move, but yet she knows he wants her. She just doesn't get Remy because he keeps himself locked up. Remy has a secret and he keeps it to himself.

This one was a toss up for me... I liked it, then not so much, then loved it. It pulled me in a lot of different directions.

Remy I LOVED. He was hot... sex on a stick. Wow! is all I can say. I liked how he was trying to go about getting to know Brooke and trying in his way to let her know him before he just jumped into things. He was being sweet in his way. I loved how he used music to get what he wanted to say out or how he felt across. After we find out more about him... I totally got and understood that aspect of him. I have some experience with people like him... and Evans was pretty accurate with it. But on the extreme side.

Brooke I liked. She was... a love hate for me. I liked her strength in the things hse has dealt with and I really liked that she could admit hey I might be this way or need to deal better here. I liked that she perservered from what she went through. But she bitched a lot... and she was just as moody. I got that at first she had no idea how Remy is or who he is really, so for a while I got it... I just think she could have gone about things better. She was good at jumping to conclusions... Towards the end though I really did get to like her. The people around Remy were great and I liked them a lot once I got what they were there for a who they really were to Remy.

I liked a lot about this book. Evan's seemed to know quite a bit about both remy's chosen profession and Brooke's. I liked that. Then their relationship and how they reacted to each other... loved, but I wish she would have been more descript about the emotion behind the chemistry not just described it and said it was there. I wanted to feel it more. I liked that both character's were very... literal people. The sex... dear lord. Hot. And i liked how she wrote it. I'm sorry but sex is messy nor is it a perfect thing... and she did not lie about either. I liked that, but didn't like that it she didn't keep with the realistic. For as real as she wrote I wish she would have kept with it in the fact... like how can they just keep going? Brooke had to be sore and that would have made it more realistic and kept with that tone. But I still liked it. I also figured with an Underground fighting league that there would have more problems than they let on and how the heck can remy just keep going like that. There were just somes things I wish she were more relatistic about. I loved the fighting in the book and I loved the scene between Brooke and Remy in the ring during practice... cute.

Overall, it really was a great book and i will be reading the rest of them. I hope to see some of the secondary charcter's get their own stories too. She wrote some really great secondary characters around Brooke and Remy adn they would have great stories of their own. I definitely will tell people to read Real.