Consumed  - Emily Snow

I had to take a breather before I wrote this review or it would have been manic and all over the place! I waited for Consumed for SO LONG, just like hundreds of others, and I was dying to know if the sequel to Lucas and Sienna's story would live up to the hype or live up to my own expectations since Devoured and this series novellas all floored me.

It did... by a land slide! I... I could not formulate words or phrases for a good hour after I finished it. The book hangover that occurred was EPIC... I just could not pick up another book for a good 24 hours after reading Consumed.

If you've kept up with the novella's between books then you know that Lucas went after Sienna after the events in Devoured and you know how. The way Lucas did it to me is one of the most romantic things ever. His first solo release is a song for Sienna... come on that is insanely romantic and so very much Lucas. He shared his true feelings with not just her, but the world. So now they have to prove they can make it and the challenges thrown their way are crazy. Between psycho ex's and psycho not ever even an item ex's... they're road is bumpy.

I loved Sienna's strength in this one. We see Sienna stand up for herself and what she believes in and feels. I LOVE what her personality has become and the fact that her spirit really shines through in Consumed. I liked her before, but now I really love her as a character. She comes off as a good person through and through. I agree with how she handled things in Consumed. I also love the relationship she forms with the rest of the band, especially Sinjin. I have really grown to love Sinjin... maybe even more than Lucas... scary thought because I LOVE Lucas. Lucas I still whole-heartedly love. He is still a great character and I think I fell for him all over again in Consumed. I like the stand he takes for Sienna.I like that he has openned up and is trying to put everything out, but I understand his fear and his apprehension... especially after the big reveal of his secret. I honestly did not expect that one. Didn't see it.. for once. I guessed everything but that and I sure as hell did not see the part Sam played coming AT ALL! Holy shit is all I can say! Lucas is much more than he let people see in Devour. He ha such depth as a character. I was proud of him in Consumed for how far he really came in discovering things about himself, Sienna and in their relationship.

Wyatt and Kylie... I love them and I completely get Kylie's choice about touring and I am proud of Wyatt. I am DYING to get my hands on the next book for them... there's just too much I want to know and I seriously hope it's a long one and we get SO MANY details of... I can't say! I'm dying. The relationship Kylie and Sienna had in Devour and then in Absorbed is good and I like it, but in Consumed we really see them become not just friends, but sisters. Sienna is menat to be in that family. Then we see Wyatt make an attempt and develop a good relationship with Sienna as well. Cal even becomes a good friend... but its the relationship between Sienna and Sinjin that got me. They really become family in Consumed and get really close. Sinjin floored me in Consumed and I want his story worse than I wanted to finish Sienna and Lucas's or Wyatt and Kylie's. Emily Snow created a character I can't ignore in Sin... well I guess I should say another character I can't ignore. You cannot ignore or get Lucas out of your head.

Consumed lived up to every expectation and so much more. It blew my mind and floored me... left me speechless and seriously hungover. Emily Snow wrote a best-seller once again and I loved it! I cannot wait to hear the other stories for the other characters.