Drowning in You (Finding Forever In Us, #1) - Rebecca Berto
It's been a while since I've read Drowning In You, so I will doing a mini review for this one and a few others I haven't gotten reviews written for yet.
Drowning In You was an emotional read. The things Charlee is going through are horrible and life changing. In a short span of time she has lost one parent, moving towards the possibility of losing another, has become the parent to her younger brother and all of this is at the hands of the boy she has crushed on for years... Dexter. This book read very real to me, very gritty. It depicted the emotions Charlee went through accurately in my opinion. She was strong, but it still showed her vulnerability... she never came off as fake. It showed how hard it was. Also, the fact that Charlee knew Dexter enough to know or try to believe it wasn't on purpose. She fought demons of doubt that the accident her parents and others were involved in was truly that... an accident. Luckily, her father had made good choices and Charlee and her brother were well off financially. That would've been horrible otherwise. Dexter dealt with a lot too. He dealt with his own guilt, trying to figure out how the accident happened and why. He wanted to know if he was responsible. He also dealt with the fear of being inadequate or weak. He dealt with being shunned for the accident and the fallout. Dexter went through some hell. But together the two push to make it.
Drowning In You was a very moving story and I really liked it. I will be looking forward to the next book in the story.