The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1) - Rebecca  Hamilton
I loved "The Forever Girl"! I should note before I get started I never really get to do reviews as I usually update from my phone or Kindle Fire and honestly reviews never were my strong suit... so bear with me.

I won the book on a Twitter giveaway from the author, Rebecca, but had been wanting to read the book to begin with and getting the book for free had no sway on how I felt about the book. Once I started it, I seriously could not put it down!
The book had great flow and progression, it never left you with a dull moment at all. The plot was well developed and I loved the new twist on the surpernatural world. Rebecca created a great world within the pages of her book. To tie in a religion and be correct about it is awesome, especially one that people otherwise shy away from, embelish, criticize, scrutinize or think as a cliche to this type of book. And to include the hate and prejudices that people of that religion sometimes go through was something I loved as well because sometimes it really is that extreme. Rebecca really tried to paint the reader a very accurate picture with her words. I am very detail orriented and loved the amount of detail to the story, but there were a couple of scene mix ups.
The characters are great! I loved Sophia, she went from kind of hooded or guarded to opening up right before your eyes and to me there no moment of this unaccounted for. I never had to stop and ask myself "wait, when did she decide that" as sometimes happens in other books. I loved Charles just as much as Sophia! The chemistry between them was shown in great detail and there was no way to doubt their chemistry either, it was almost as though you could feel that for yourself! But I honestly thought that he would play a little harder to get, but then again was glad he didn't. I liked Lauren too, she was that friend that was there and supportive no matter what. Even when she didn't understand or know what was around her and why certain things were going on.
Overall, it was a great book and I'm excited to see what is in store for the next book!