Bone Dressing (Bone Dressing #1) - Michelle I. Brooks
I felt that Bone Dressing was a very unique take on reincarnation and overall a unique book. At times it did feel as though she swelled on emotions rather than actyion, but I also enjoy a detailed view into the main characters mind, especially one who needs to grow as emotionally as Syd. I really loved Syd. She was no-holds-bar sarcastic, tell it how it is regardless. I enjoy characters with that raw emotion and glimmer turmoil and I completely understand why she has that inner turmoil. I liked Beau as well, but I wish we could've gotten to know him better. I also did not expect Sarah and T.J to be the character's they turned out to be, I just hope we get to them more in the books to come too. I will definately be reading the books to come in this series.