Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) - Abbi Glines
I really liked Existence and look forward to reading a sequel. It had good pace and flow, but a few missing words here or there.
I really liked Dank- I just don't really like his name all that much, but as a character he was great. Although, I didn't understand some of what he did at times and I figured those things would cause more conflict than they did, but with the way the ending happened that conflict could be next and I hope we get to know him better now! Pagan I liked as well- her internal conflict was portrayed well. I liked the fact that she was a compassionate person and that she was very sensitive to the others around her. I figured she would have pieced things together better than she did with Dank though. Plus I thought there would be more conflict with Kendra than there was, but again with the ending who knows... Leif- a good character and he seemed like a sweet guy, but also had the air of being fake. I was still surprised at the ending though, I didn't expect that but something else so (again) I am curious as to what comes next. And I loved Gee and I really hope we see more of her too!
Overall it was a good book and I would definately recommend it! I look forward to reading a sequel!