The Breakaway - Michelle D. Argyle
The Breakaway has to be one of my favorite Contemporary YA novels for this year. It was well written, had great flow and awesome character and story developement. I actually have not read a book that addressed the issues this did or at least the way that they did.
Naomi has a rocky life to say the least, not as bad as it could but it does sort of... well suck. And it gets worse. She gets kidnapped amenity just gets a whole lot more complicated from there. I really like all the characters. They all had depth. Naomi I loved, she grew and changed and learner a lot about herself and life. I admitlred her a lot actually. And Jesse was great! Another swoon worthy guy! This sawbones boon that once you start you won't want to stop until you're finished. I am looking forward to the sequel.