The Wild Ones (The Wild Ones, #1) - M. Leighton
M. Leighton has done it once again! I haven't read all her books, but I've loved every one I have read. The Wild Ones is no exception!
I have been loving the amount of books I've seen lately that include a farm or ranch setting, country background or Rodeo! I'm a small town, farm girl... specifically an Angus Cattle Farm... so I could relate to everything Cami said about her father's focus on genetics, bloodlines, etc... I could relate to all the situations revolving around the horses actually. I loved that! Makes me miss helping my own Dad.
I love M. Leighton's style of writing, her pacing, her ability to tell a story and draw you in and keep you there, and her characters. Cami, Trick, Rusty, and Jenna are all awesome characters! Each one is well developed and I adore their relationships with each other. I kind of wanna know more behind Jenna and Rusty's relationship... I loved Jenna and Cami's friendship. To have a friend like that is truely priceless. And the name for Trick's horse was very creative and I love it!
The Wild Ones is a great read and I loved it!!