Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) - Abbi Glines
I actually started reading Breathe because I figured out that it preceded Because of Low. I had been reading that up until Sadie came up and I was all like "hey, there's one before this" and I went back to read Breathe. I've read Abbi Glines Existence and Predestined, but none of her other books. I loved those and I have to say Breathe is a very good book. It's a cute story.
Sadie is a great character. She's sheltered from the typical teenage things, but not when it comes to the rest of life. She is more of an adult than a teenage girl. The household falls to her and she's literally raising her mother. Honestly, her life pretty much sucks and she's excepted this. She doesn't let things get her down, she keeps trudging on and does what she can. Enter rock star and teen heart-throb Jax Stone. He's a great guy. He hasn't let his status or money go to his head. He has thins he's not fond of about his life, but he too doesn't dwell on those things. I also liked his brother Jason and I hope Abbi writes a book involving Jason. Marcus is a strong charater as well and he is a good friend to Sadie. And the other characters introduced in Breathe were great as well. I also hope a story gets written about Preston. I loved the romance between Sadie and Jax. It was intense and sweet. As far as parents go... Sadie's mom, Jessica, is one those characters you wish you could strangle. She absolutely drove me up a wall! Jax mom isn't seen too much and I honestly thought after her apparance she would be more of an issue. I didn't like her either, but nearly as much as disliked Jessica. She irked me... badly.
Overall, Breathe was a great opening to the Sea Breeze series and a great book. The characters were well developed and fun. The flow to the book was great, the story well written and developed, and everything painted a perfect mental picture. it really drew you in!