Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1) - Olivia Cunning
WHOA is so right! I picked up Backstage Pass after reading reviews by Andrea over at The Bookish Babes blog and Autumn over at Autumn Reviews, which I keep picking up most of the Smexy books they've reviewed and I've come to the conclusion they are experts on Smexy books. Thanks to them I first picked up Olivia Cunning's Try Me and loved it, so I tried Backstage Pass. It rocked! I really like Cunning's writing. The different Point of Views is great and she really nails the guys in her books (no pun intended there, lol). She really can give you a mental picture of stage performances when she talks about the Sinners concerts. The flow to the book is great and its got its hilarious moments.
I really enjoyed Cunning's characters. I'll start with Myrna... she was not what I expected out of a girlfriend for a rock star. Myrna is a thirty-something psychology professor... more specific a human sexuality professor. She is definately the independent type and amazing at her job. She can get into anyones head without that person figuring it out... ok maybe Sed. I really liked her. She is a problem solver, she's just horrible at solving her own issues. Brian "Master" Sinclair is the lead guitarists for the Sinners. He's also a hopeless romantic, so not fitting for a rock star. He was a sweetheart though and I really liked his character. I loved his band mates too. Sed... the lead singer. He has a take charge personality and an I'll do what I dang well please attitude, he's also heartbroken. He's a force all his own. Then rhythm guitarist Trey Mills. He is another sweetheart and Brian's best friend. Then Eric Sticks... the crazy drummer. I like drummers and he is no exception. He's hilarious, but sweet. And last but not least the youngest and ever quiet bassist Jace. He is the shy, quiet type except for when it comes to his sexual tastes... then he opens up. I loved the whole band and I'm pretty excited to read the whole series.
And as far as the smexy portion of the book goes... HOT. It did not lack in any way. Overall... amazing book. I loved the characters and the story. I will be starting book two soon.