Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2) - Olivia Cunning
I have to say I LOVE Sed! I liked this one more than the last, Cunning did not disappoint! I have to say though... Eric is by far my favorite character and I'm really excited to read his story. I'm also really, really curious about Jace. But Sed... wow. Hot! I loved Sed & Jessica's intensity. It was great to read, I really love books that have that much intensity in the relationships (I think its just because I can relate to that intensity). I mean all the relationships throughout the Sinners on Tour series are intense, even the guys', but Sed & Jessica are combustable. And just like in Backstage Pass the sex.... HOTT! I liked Jessica except she took her need for independence so far that it blinded her to the truth in the situation between her & Sed. She did get a little annoying with it at times. Of course Sed could have gone about a few things a little differently. He had awesome intentions he just didn't execute things in the best way. Still Sed is one of my favorites... Eric being my favorite!