Losing It (Losing It, #1) - Cora Carmack
I found this book through a review made by one of the blogs I follow, although right now I can't remember which one... sorry =S.
I thought Losing It was a really cute book. I loved the story and the characters. I mean the MC's name is Bliss... that rocks. I'll start wig characters first. Bliss was a great character. She knew she was awkward and she didn't hide it. She knew she had insecurities, she knew she wasn't sure about what she was going to do post college and she was honest about it. What she wasn't up front about was in a way startling, but understandable because in today's world being in college and a virgin is rare. I didn't like how her best friend treated it though when she was told... she should have been a little more supportive of Bliss rather than act so appalled. I also thouht Bliss was hilarious.Garrick... sounds awesome. I really liked his character. He was understanding and funny and very blunt... upfront about things. He could also read Bliss surprisingly well even when they first met... Bliss just didn't know herself well enough I think. Bliss's best friend Kelsey was a little annoying to me. I understand they were friends and good one, but she didn't seem tobunderstand Bliss as much as she thought and honestly supported her in weird waysbor to me not very well at all. The friend that was most supportive was by far Fade, but his feelings for Bliss complicated things and well I felt for both him and Bliss. He seemed really sweet and I like him a lot he's a great guy and I hope he gets his own book.
Now... the story. I thought it was great. Bliss's virginity was such a huge deal for her in several different ways and her bbest friend Kelseys methods just sucked in my opinion. BUT that's how we meet Garrick. And their chemistry is awesome from the start. Then there's a freak out on Bliss's part and then well things get complicated. Professor/Student complicated. The story does nothing but get better from there! I loved it.