Fade Into You (Fade, #1) - Kate Dawes
Good and very quick read.
Midwestern girl Olivia moved to L.A. after college for a fresh start. With a new job, in a great location she gets just that and a whole lot more. More that she really wasn't seeking out or trying to find. More is Hollywood movie producer Max Dalton.
As I said, its a quick read and honestly it screams Fifty Shades, but with no BDSM. Its still hot and steay and a great read, but it just reminds me of Fifty Shades. Even for being short, things still seem to progress at a natural rate. I mean its stll quick because, well, the book is, but she still fights her emotions a little. Max still attempts a little courting (lol), but the jump right to the smexy and smexy it is! They're pretty good together actually.
Overall, its worth the read. Good novella.