On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young
I haven't read too many of Saantha Young's books, I have read her "Ankh" series, as I call it lol, and loved it. It was great. I like how she writes, her characters, her dialogue, the flow of her stories... its great. When I saw reviews for her new adult book... I was dying to read it. And I loved On Dublin Street!
First, Joss... she was a strong character and she had issues. They are real and understandable, I loved how at times even she would admit some of the things she did or felt were irrational. Sometimes our problems aren't rational at all. I really liked her. Then Braden... yum. He was intense and passionate about thethings he truely cared about, whether it be the people in his life or his profession. He had his own set of real issues, although they weren't as intense as the issues Joss deat with, but they were real all the same. I also adored Ellie right along with Joss. She was a great supporting character, as were Adam and the others. I loved the story and its pace. I overall just really loved the book and its now a favorite of mine. Its a story of loss and handling that loss, an issue all to real for many people.