The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski
I adore this book.
This is the first book I've read by J.A. Redmerski, although I have another book from her on my kindle I haven't read yet and I'm now very excited to read that book. I liked flow of the book. i love getting both main character POV's in a book and Redmerski did an amazing job with it!
The characters were great! Cam was awesome. I felt for her through the whole book. She went through a lot in a year and a half and kept it together. She had more strength than she credited herself with in my opinion. She dealt with so much including depression. I related to Cam in a lot of ways and I highlighted a quote said in Cam's POV about depression that really made an impression on me and Redmerski touched on the depression issue in a great way. It was something I appreciated. I really liked watching Cam evolve & cope with Andrew's help. Cam really grew up in a short time, came out of her shell & shyness, and learned so much in a short time. About herself & life in general. All of Cam's issues & problems ere completely realistic & handled in a great way. She had to learn to cope, she didn't just do it, which happens all to often. It was believeable & true life. The stuff with her best friend Natalie... I would've reacted in very much the same way. And what she learns about being a best friend, I have learned the hard way as well. Many people have.
Andrew... I love Andrew. At first, he just seemed incredibly insighful, but as you go & get towards the end you understand there's a lot more to his insightfulness. That Andrew has come to learn what he teaches Cam for a reason. Andrew lives life with the belief of just going for it, he tries to live to the fullest without being distructive about it. He also evolves & grows in the book in a lot of ways & thanks to Cam. Andrew to me was deep & soulful. He had a great relationship with the people around him & comes across as one of those people that's easy to care about. As with Cam, his issues & problems were real. They were true life issues that people deal with all the time 7 they were handled & dealt with realistically.
Their relationship was great as they fell into place & an easy friendship. They truey helped each other & I loved how natural their relationship was. Remerski does an amazing job writing their relationship it was powerful, natural, and intense. It truely was fate & fate very well written. It wasn't cliché, corny or cheesy as it can sometimes be in books... it was natural. I know I've said that like a dozen times now!
I listened to a lot of the music mentioned in the book as I read, as I often do, & it was very fitting for Andrew & Cam. My song for the book, or just Andrew & Cam is Alive by Adelitas Way. It fits them perfecly. Music is very important to The Edge of Never & I reccommend other readers listen to the music listed in the book. I hope to see if the author releases a playlist.
The Edge of Never is easily one of my top books of 2012 and one of my favorites. Its a book I can come back to & read over & over again & not get tired of it. I could fall in love the story & the characters more & more each time. I honestly hope to see more books with characters out of The Edge of Never, I'd love to read Natalie's (Cam's best friend) story. I want to know what was going on while alone to handle her own issues & how she moved on. I'd love to read something about Andrew's brother Asher too. Of course all with updates on Andrew & Cam =).