Chasing Nikki (Chasing Nikki, #1) - Lacey Weatherford
Holy Sh**! *Sobs*
OMG! *Bawls*
This book... *Sobs*
This book shredded my heart, but OMG is it a great book! *Bawls*
I actually found Chasing Nikki because one of the many bloggers I follow tweeted about it being awesome & it as free on Amazon. Me... "Hey, why not. Never been steered wrong by her." *Takes deep breathe to calm down* And just wow. Intense.
Chase Walker has been through h**l and back. He's attempting to cope with things and, well, its not in a great way. He lands himself in trouble & facing his mothers decision to move in with his Grandparents. Not happy at ll about his move, Chase decides to be a world class butthead until Nikki Wagner walks into class. His perspective quickly changes & he chases her. She helps him in so many ways, only for things to take a sad turn & Chase is faced with being his strength & hers.
At first, I wasn't sure about it. The teenagers all talked a little to adult to me, the adults at time came off a little too understanding and things just progressed quickly. But that can happen at times. It grew on me and the subject matter took me away. I was sucked into the book & really couldn't be drug away. Obviously, I read it in a day. Rare for me.
Chase was a great guy. He had developed insecurities about himself because of the mistakes he made. he clung to his past, hard. I get why, but not healthy. I like how he grows, but it never fully goes away & realistically that won't. He was sweet and Weatherford nailed his POV. He was likeable... loveable more like it.
Nikki... an all-american girl. She was genuine and sweet, also a very loveable character. I loved how close she was with her family & how close her friendships were. I like her perspective on life & loss. I truely liked her.
As for everyone else, all great! I liked how tight-knit everyone was in such a small community. It can go either way sometimes, I grew up in a small town... trust me. They were great.
I sincerely can't wait to read the sequel, but I need to recover from this one first. Make sure you read Chasing Nikki with a box of tissues. I... wow. I cannot believe it... really I can't. Loved it. Read it. I will be checking out the author's other books too!