Rock Me (Ross Siblings, #2) - Cherrie Lynn
So, I skipped a book I figured out. Book One is Unleashed and at one point I totally intend on reading it because I really liked the interactions with the eldest Ross Sibling. But I read Rock Me and I absolutely loved it!
Candace is a very sheltered girl with crazy parents... well more so a crazy mother. Her father honestly didn't seem too bad, just needed to stand up to his wife more. I guess there's reason behind her mother's craziness though. Anyway... Candace. She was a very sweet girl, but needed to get more experience in the world for sure. She also needed a confidence boost because of the people around her. Her mother and one cousin and even her brother treated her liked crap. Some of the things they said to her throughout the book made me want to absolutely just strangle them. I completely understood how she acted towards Brian throughout the book too. It was because of her confidence issues and sheltered life. Sometimes it did get kind of annoying, but the growth she showed was awesome. The chemistry with Brian was awesome and how he treated her... with patience and understanding even wig all the bullcrap going on. He truely was a great guy. This brings me to Brian.
Brian Ross...*Fans self*. He's amazing. Patient when honestly not many people would be, loyal, loving, kind, outgoing, understanding... but not without his issues. Sometime his direction seemed off, but when he found he way his determination was great. I loved how he treated Candace and their chemistry together. He handle so many situations so amazingly, he may have had his blow up moment, but he always came back down to earth and handled it.
I loved a lot of the other characters too. Ghost... I cannot WAIT to read his and Macy's story! I LOVED Ghost. And Macy I really liked too. Yes, she was pretty closed mind, but honestly there was something behind that. I'mm anxious to know. I liked Sam, for the brief description of her homelife situation she really was a great character and I wouldn't mind reading her story. The other tattoo artists in the shop... they are all worthy of their own stories! I loved them all and they would make awesome characters, even the two guys barely mentioned lol. And the third Ross Sibling... what about her? Will we get her story?
The story was great. It had great flow and content. I loved the different POV's from Brian and Candace. It was done very nicely and Brian actually sounded like a guy! Sometimes when a female author does the male POV it doesn't sound right, Brian did. I really enjoyed the hook and I can't wait to read the next and again I hope to read more from the other characters.