Tempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers, #1) - J. Lynn
For some reason the review I did on the other edition isn't there, so I'm doing a new review.
I HEART JLA! She is a great author... too me she has mastered the unexpected, suspense, and surprise. She also is great at developing relationships between characters. I really like Madison and Chase.
Madison is a strong chatlracter to me, she really stood out. She was intelligent and slinky, but was not as snarky as some of JLA'S other characters. I liked that a lot. She was stilled confident and fun loving. Chase was portrayed to be gravitational. People wanted to be around him, but never to close. He was confident and outgoing, but still had a vulnerability about him. He wasn't untouchable. He was fun, caring and protective of those he loves.
I really liked how Maddie and Chase's relationship progressed. It was realistic. They've known each other all their lives and for him the fear of ruining that was hard to deal with. So was dealing with the issues that he has convinced himself he has. Maddie's confusion on the signals... totally understandable. Also the fact that she continued living her life rather than just I want Chase and wait. I liked that. I loved all the happenings throughout the story and it was definately cute.
I loves the relationship between the Gamble brothers and like them all, but for some reason I am dying for Chandler's book. I like him the most. Chad and Chase are great too, but Chandler... just something about him.
Tempting the Best Man is a great read and I'm sorry my other review vanished.