Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers, #2) - J. Lynn
*Fans self and manically laughs* Wow.
I really liked Tempting the Best Man and I enjoyed seeing Maddie and Chase again. I like them a lot. I am seriously dying to read Chandler's story. He's my favorite Gamble. I liked Chad in Tempting the Best Man. Bridget too. But them together... good lord! Explosive chemistry. They are awesome together. Truly awesome.
Chad is the playhouse Gamble. He parties and sleeps with any women he wants. He has no intention of settling down. Constantly gives his brother Chase and best friend Mitch crap about their relationships. He does things over the top and with a bang. Then he meets Bridget and things change for him quickly.
Bridget isn't the normal girl written into stories ive read. She actually has some curves. She deals with self-esteem issues dealing with weight. She knows she isn't ugly, but she honestly doesn't think all that highly of herself. It doesn't help that her ex treated her like crap and hurt her. She has dealt with a horrible loss. She's been through a lot. Then she meets Chad and things go haywire.
They are an intense couple and an great story. I loved them together... even more so than Maddie and Chase. They are great and well Chad... does not half-ass anything. He goes all in. And boy does he. There some unbelieveable moments in the book that are scream worthy. Once again JLA ducks you into the story and its over all too soon.
CHANDLER IS NEXT! YAY! *Does happy dance*