Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3) - Cherrie Lynn
I started reading Leave Me Breatheless right after Rock Me because I loved it and loved Ghost in that book, but ended up taking an unfortunate break in reading because well couldn't read at work (too much of a chance a kid would read over my shoulder lol), so I read another book there and then a weekend reading challenge I had signed up for.
ANYWAY... life story finished here...
I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK! Like want to scream and rave to everyone how AMAZINGLY AWESOME Leave Me Breathless is! Holy freaking wow! I read the Ross brothers series out of order after reading a Brian and Candace short in a Christmas novella... which rocked... because I loved Brain. I need to read Unleashed and quick because I loved Evan in Rock Me... and Brian was hot. But Ghost.
In Rock Me I loved Ghost (who's real name is Seth Warren by the way) his banter with Brian and Candace, his taste in music, his personality... Cherrie Lynn really drew me to Seth in Rock Me. I was dying to read about him and aleave Me Breathless and oh dear lord... he is hot! Just on fire! I freaking love him... more than Brian and didn't think that was possible. The man is just hott incarnate... sex on a stick. He has it all... looks, personality, overall bad boy appeal but in actuality he is a good guy, the car... everything. He is a favorite for me and makes my list of book boyfriends for sure.
Macy sort of ticked me off in Rock Me. She was stuck up and snobby. I seriously thought she was like Candace's parents and that her family would be the same way... but something was always off about it. She was always there for Candace no matter if she was listened to or not, so she was a true friend. So her actions throughout Rock Me became more of annoyance. Macy also came off as strong-willed, so I figured there was a reason she was how she was... maybe that she was almost scared of something. Then she announced hanging out with Ghost and I knew there was more to her. And boy was there ever. Macy is the strong-willed, confident girl I thought she was and yes she was scared of something. She was so scared she basically quit living life. And Ghost scared the hell out of her because that fearlessness to live the life she really wanted came back with him. She had her reasons and well I can't say I blame her. Same with Ghost... I can't say I blame him for his reservations either. What he has been through is crazy messed up.
Together they practically combustion! Their chemistry and passion for each other is off the charts and I loved it! I think Leave Me Breathless is one of the best books ive read for thar this year. Seth (Ghost) and Macy were amazing together. Their story I loved even more than I did Brian and Candace's. I can't help but put Macy and Seth up with Olivia Cunning's Sed and Jessica as far as combustable chemistry goes. Seth and Macy are truly awesome. I really enjoyed Leave Me Breathless. I can't wait for Brian and Evan sister Gaby's story, but I really hope Cherrie creates stories for several of the other characters we've seen in the past couple of books. Like Starla or some of the other tattoo artists in Brian's shop. I really enjoy the Cherrie Lynn tells her characters stories. The way she uses boy POV's and how she nails the male POV. I really like her books and look forward to more.