Kiss of Crimson (Midnight Breed, #2) - Lara Adrian
I actually read the first book in this series about a year ago, I don't think I will take that long between books this time. I like the series. I really like the characters, just some more than others and from reading the blurbs for the other books in the series I will be seeing some new characters come into the series.
Dante was a character I really liked in the first book along with main character of the first book Lucan (my favorite was actually Teagan though to be honest). He wasn't shy about letting you know where you stand with him, which he shows several times in Kiss of Crimson with newbie Chase. He was also the dangerous Italian... yum. Tess I really liked too. Although her tendency to runaway when things got to be out of her comfort zone did get a little irritating. She had had a horrible teenage life and went through a lot to move on from it... but in reality she ran from it. She actually never dealt with what she needed too. I'm glad Dante helped her through those things and his patience was admirable. She also has probably one of my favorite abilities I've seen so far... Elise, whom we meet in Kiss of Crimson as well, has another one I like. Tess was a great and genuine person in this book and was a great fit for Dante.
We also meet (as I have already mentioned) Chase and Elise. Chase... he really means well, he honestly does. At first he seemed stuffy and stuck up. Then like massive screw up, but by the end of the book I really liked him. I feel for him in all the things he goes through. It takes a strong person to go through what he, and Elise for that matter, but to deal and handle them is another. I am anxious to see how they both handle it. I will apparently know Elise's story next, but it will be a while for Chase. Elise, I really didn't get to make an opinion of her. Only that she has a cool ability and that she has gone through a lot. Teagan is also taking with her right away from what I got. I liked her, but she did seem sort of prissy. We shall see.
I liked the overall story. It was good and it did tie in with the first book. At first it was a little slow, but it really picked up and was really enjoyable. The chemistry between Dante and Tess was great. Dante was a little rough with how he handled a few things and made a mess, but it worked out. I was a little put off by how quickly those things were worked n out between them. It was pretty close to instantly solved. I get that hey maybe it was an overreaction, but some of it would have made more sense if she would have been we can totally fix it and work it out over time not all I'm good. I guess that wouldn't have gone with the happy ending idea though lol. Kiss of Crimson was a good book and I look forward to reading the next (Teagan... *swoons* & Elise).