Eve - Anna Carey
I could not put this books down. I'm not a big fan of dystopian books... the hunger games yes, but I never could get into any others. After reading several reviews and a few being from people who shared my opinion on dystopian, I picked it up and I'm very happy I did.
The year is 2032 and most of the population has been wiped out due to plague and the vaccine that was supposed to stop it but in turn only made it worse. After the chaos a new form ofgovernment has been put into place a long with a plan. Towards the end of this plague the orphaned children are rounded up,- most being of an age where they'll have the memories of life before and during this horrible plague- and shipped off to schools, camps & etc... then comes the horrible life after the plague and the "plan". Eve learns the truth & flees in hopes of reaching the safe haven Califia. Along the way she meets Caleb, a boy who goes against everything she knows. The girls in these schools are taught to fear the mle sex and Eve soon discovers another lie and she grows to love him. She encounters many horrible things and well I can't say anymore or I'll start with massive spoilers. If I haven't already lol. It was a great book and I will be reading the rest of this trilogy as it comes out. Oh and a favorite quote....
"Caleb brought his hand to my cheek, wiping the last of the snow from my eyelashes. "Benny told me that loving someone meant knowing that your life would be worse without them in it." He smiled. "Where did he get that idea?"
My skin felt hot underneath his fingers. I smiled back at him, not saying anything.
He leaned in closer, tracing invisible lines across my cheekbones. "That's why I had to find you."