Something like Normal - Trish Doller
There have been a lot of books this year that have left me so mind blown I've had no idea what to say in a review. This is another one. This was an emotional read for me. I've had a lot of friends and even some family over the course of my life whom have been overseas, and they've been through things they don't talk about. To read this book was just wow... to be asked the questions you don't want to answer or don't know how to answer. I understand people are curious, but that's something that would be shared if they want.
Travis joined the Marines to get away from home. A father who is pretty much an ass, a mother he knew loved him but didn't realize she loved that much, and a brother who's a little less than a year younger who's spoiled rotten & is determined to put himself in his older brother's shoes... well the ones that Travis didn't want to be in himself. He comes home on a month leave to find is car & girlfriend are now his brothers, his parents marriage is falling apart, a life he no longer fits into and his mom isn't doing so well witha Marine son. All this along with dealing with the things he's seen and done and the death of his best friend. Its a lot for him to handle... insert Harper. A girl who's life he basically destroyed and hates him. She becomes his lifeline. I love Harper, she's strong and intelligent and caring. She doesn't press Travis for anything and is just simply there. I also love them as a couple.
I liked that everything was in Travis's point of view, but I wish I could read Harper's point of view on some things. I'd love to know what was going on in her head. I also really hope that this isn't the last we hear of Travis & Harper or from any of the other guys in Travis's unit. I loved this book and hope there will be more.