Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill
It took me a little bit to get into this one, but once I did it was really good. The action was great and the story good. The flow was good, but for me at first slow. I'm honestly not sure why it felt that way... maybe because I was back and forth so much between reading. I love the chemistry between Ethan and Merit. I want to see what happens between them, but I liked Morgan! I hope to see him come up again and not on the wrong side of things.


"'But I'll admit that he's kind of offensively delicious."
"Like salt-and-vinegar potato chips."
"Exactly," I said, then sat up again. "Here I am, an upright vampire who owes my allegiance to a liege lord I can't stand. And it turns out you're some kind of latent sorceress who can make things happen just by wishing them. We're the free-will outliers-- I have none, and you have too much."
She looked at me, then blinked and put her hand over her heart. "You, and I'm saying this with love, Mer, are really a geek."

pg. 11
"The bookmark was stuck somewhere in chaper eight: "Going All Night." (The chapter titles had apparently been drafted by a seventeen-year-old boy.)"