Send - Patty Blount
I sincerely loved this book. It was heart felt and dealt with a current issue that is all too real.
Dan Ellison... isn't really Dan Ellison. But he has to be. For the sake of his family and himself. He committed a crime five years ago that has effected his life every day since. He's trying to live his life... but he's not really living it. He also tries to help the people around him keep from making the mistakes he made. Then he falls in love... the last thing he should do and quite possibly with he last person he should.
I really like Dan/Ken. At first it was a little weird because well he held conversations with a thirteen year old version of himself he kept in his head. Kenny. There was a lot to their "realtionship" and I ended up really liking their banter. To me, it made scense that he sort of retreated into himself. Kenny was and had been a lot of things or pieces of Dan/Ken.
Julie... I honestly sort of saw it coming. Not the ending... no not at all. But well the circumstances you could say. I really liked her and she had her own issues. I loved her changes and growth. They truely helped each other grow. I loved the situation hey were both thrown into and how they resolved it together.
It was an amazing book and one of my favorite this year.