Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel
So, second zombie book ever. Loved it.
I thought the story was great. I liked the multiple POV's, I love that in a book. I liked seeing how Bram felt or thought, not just Nora. The take on Zombie's was awesome, I liked the science behind it. I also loved that they weren't all evil. The romance between Bram and Nora was awesome too.
I LOVED the other character's! Even the ones I hated. Why... because the book go me involved enough to grow to despise them. Nora I liked. She was stubborn and strong-willed and loyal. I liked how she dealt with her grief, she wasn't all "oh, I'm over it" or sat around and whined and cried. She had her ups and downs. She hit the anger stage. She dealt with it. I also liked that she wasn't just out right accepting of everything. She thought about them, came to a conclusion and worked to trust the others. She was snarky and smart and fun. Her loyalty to tose around her was great. Bram. A sweet farmboy whom was dealt a bad hand in life and realized there was nothing to do but cope. And he worked hard to do just that. He also had a loyalty to him that I admired as well. I loved the banter between him and his friends. It was hilarious! Pam... I can't say she was Nora opposite, whi,h happens a lot with the best friend. At first I thought that was going to be the case. That she's be whiney, she did have her moments, but she really stepped up and did what she had to do. It may have had a lasting effect, but she really was strong. The other Zombie's... tom, Coalhouse, Chas, and Ren... rocked! They were great! And the bad ones... I wanted to slap. The book really drug me in. I've wanted to read dearly, Departed for the past year... and I'm glad I finally did!

"Thirty minutes later we were in Aunt Gene's carriage, Pam compulsively adjusting her bonnet, me meditating upon all of the ways it might be possible to kill myself with the in-cab stylus."... "Their manor, Vermil Park, was set far back from the road and surrounded by an ornate brass fence. Maybe it was electrified. And maybe I could fling myself against it..." pg. 48, Nora really didn't want to go for a visit, lol.

"We exited into another, busier hallway, and he lowered his voice. "But what I'm saying is that we can't tell her everything. Wolfe will have our hides. Besides that, she's a fine young lady."
"I'll be sure to remind her of that next time she starts yelling at us."
Elpinoy stared at me a moment before recovering himself with a sniff." pg. 93 Bram

"'If anyone should talk to her," Renfield piped up, "it should be me. We're the most compatible, culturewise. I'm sure that on top of feeling as if she's been thrust into one of the many levels of Hades, with all of its attendant demons, she feels like a lady wandering, lost, amongst the mannerless cads of the slums."
We were all silent for a moment before Tom asked, "You do realize that we're sitting right here, right?"
"Oh, I am horribly aware of this fact."
"Just checking.'" pg. 99 to 100 Bram's Chapter, but Renfield & Tom.

"I was jealous of her at firs, because she had prettier dresses and the naturally curly hair that had been my ultimate worldly desire at that age. In fact, when our mothers initially introduced us, I had chosen to greet her by yanking on a fistful of her hair to see if it was real. Her response was to deck me in the nose.
It had been love at first fight." pg. 131 Pam on her & Nora

"'I just need to be alone for a while."
He nodded. "Fair enough." He then asked, as if fearing he would be refused, "Can I give you something before I go away?"
"Yes, if you can slip it through the crack and if you promise it wasn't alive at any point in the last eight years."
Bram laughed, and I almost felt safe for a moment." Pg. 140 Nora & Bram

"'My mother was right," Nora muttered. "Even my genes are stubborn." Pg. 165

"Bram leaned against the door frame, watching me as I examined the weapon. "I figure that you're about the tiniest thing I've ever seen." I gave him what must have been a murderous look, and he laughed. "My sisters have to be taller than you by now. How old are you?"
"Almost seventeen," I grumbled. "Yeah, I'm short. How observant of you."
"Nothing wrong with being short," he said. "I think it's cute. But it's not so good for fighting. Guns are the best weapon for you,truely, so long as you can keep the undead at a distance. But you're going to need something like this if you get caught up in ground fight."
I momentarily brushed aside the idea that he thought something about me was cute. "Ground fighting? you mean--"
He held up a hand. "No. No army for you. But hey, it's dangerous out there, and the more you know about defending yourself, the better off you'll be. I think that's true for anyone, but especially girls." He grinned. "Tiny, tiny little girls."
I squeezed my fists around the weapon as I glowered at him--- and ended up on my rear end as the rod shot out an extention on either side. What had been a construct about two feet long was now as tall as me. Bram laughed like a maniac as I struggled to my feet." Pg. 232

"Bram knocked, and Chas opened the door, her music growing louder. She had strips of tinfoil in her har and a cigarette dangling from her lips--- which she immediately his behind her back when she saw Bram.
Both of Bram's brows flitted upward. "Hi." He looked at the foil. "I'm not even gonna ask."
"Martians are trying to control my thoughts, stupid." She noticed me then and smiled. "Hi, Nora! Ooh..." Her eyes fell to the weapon. "Shiny."
"Nora needs some more appropriate clothes if she's to use the shiny," Bram said.
Chas clapped her hands together. "Makeover!"
Oh, God, no.
Chas reached out and took my wrist, pulling me within her room. I looked at Bram as I was hauled past but couldn't even get a word out before he waved and shut the door.
I stared at the back of it. I was going to kill him. It was a crying shame, but I was going to have to. It was a matter of principle." Pg. 234 Nora

"'How often do you have to mention the eating thing?" Nora demanded.
"Once an hour, every hour, until the day I finally decay," Tom answered with a sweep of his machete.
"We need to find you a new hobby.'" Pg. 255 Bram's chapter

"'The pink one, I think, but... do you have any dresses that are tight on you?"
Chas was losing her patience. "Tight?"
"Yeah, you know..." I rolled my eyes, but pointed to my chest. "Up here. She's way smaller than you. Not that I've been looking, or anything."
"Are you complimenting my girls's boob?" Tom muttered beneath the blanket.
I looked at the lump and deadpanned, "Yes, I am."
The lump shifted in a self-satisfied way. "Thank you, you're very kind."
Chas tightened her fingers on the hangers and cut her eyes at me. "As if he grew them.'" Pg. 294 Bram, Tom and Chas

"Samedi eyed me on the way out. "Oh, you scoundrel. That's dirty pool."
I jutted a finger at him. "You just wish you had one."
"I don't need one!" he shot back. "I have maturity, and strength of personality! And... and the ability to hide my own head in glove compartments and lockers to see if she's cheating on me!"
Beryl handed him a file on her way past. "You ever try that again, I'm going to drop-kick you into the next country.'" Pg. 296 Bram's Chapter

"Returning my voice to a conversational level, I called back, "Nora, I'm not attempting to embarrass you or single you out. I know you're capable. But stay behind Chas, okay? You die, you die permanently, and for various reasons that we've aready gotten angsty about together, I don't want that to happen."
"Okay, okay," she sighed.
"Angsty?" Chas asked. "Ooh! Later, details!"
"Yes, later." With that, I waved the team forward." Pg. 395 Bram