Yours at Midnight - Robin Bielman
This was such a cute and fast read. I love stories just like this one. There have been several that have stayed with me throughout the year. This one I liked a lot.
Quinn lost his twin four years ago and has come home to finally deal with that loss and chase the one that got away. He wants to make things right. Quinn is in for the surprise of his life. Lyric has dealt with two losses. Not only Oliver, Quinn's twin, but Quinn himself. He left with no explaination or goodbyes after a very memorable night four years ago. One that left her with a very lasting impression and a reminder. Now Quinn is back and that reminder, her secret, and all the hurt and crazy feelings come flooding back. What is going to become of Quinn and Lyric?
It's a great story. I loved Lyric and her family. Lyric was very strong-willed, loving, kind...confused... driven and overall a good person. At times a little stubborn, but I really enjoyed watching her evolve in the book. I liked seeing her figure out how she has truely felt about Quinn all this time and where things have truely laid for her. Quinn was a great character too. He was also driven and strong-willed, but he was also willing to change and learn from his mistakes. He was willing to work things out around him. I liked the career the suborned chose for him. It was one I haven't seen in a book yet. I liked how he handled the things around him and how also evolved in the book.
Yours At Midnight is such a cute and quick read. I definately say its with the read and its very enjoyable!