Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1) - Georgia Cates
I have read most of Georgia Cates books and they always... & I mean always... rock. Beauty From Pain was no different for me. It left me with a book hangover.
Laurelyn Prescott is taking a break from her life and goes with her best friend Addison to Australia when she goes to visit her brother. Laurelyn has had a hell of a time at home and just needs this time to nurse her wounds and relax, she has a few decisions to make about her life as well. But her trip to Australia is about to become more than she could ever bargain for. Jack McLachlan is a multimillionaire wine-maker and he does not do relationships. Jack has companions that last a few weeks and are completely anonymous. No names. No pretenses. No mess. Its simple. But this time he wants it to last longer, he wants different and that's exactly what he's going to get. He see's Laurelyn and decides she's his next and he is about to get different thrown in his face and have his world turned upside down. Laurelyn and Jack have a whirlwind romance that was supposed to be anything but that.
I loved Laurelyn. She was awesome. She was talented and fun. She was strong when she needed to be, but also had a vulnerability that didn't go overboard. She did have moments where she allowed her fear to get in the way and her past experiences to a point where she was going to run, but it was always worked through is a realistic and responsible way. Jack could always talk her through most things and she was that for Jack as well. She didn't come off as high maintenance at all and just was a lot of fun to read. Jack I loved as well. He was a caring and passionate character. He was very straightforward about everything and was good at planning and getting what he wanted within reason. Cates never made Jack do anything too over the top... never anything stalkerish and never too intensely. She made their relationship intense without making it crazy sounding. I hated what Jack did to himself as far as relationships are concerned because he really was a great guy and a good boyfriend, at least to Laurelyn. Although, I got it. I totally get his reasoning, but that reasoning stemmed from fear and insecurity. I loved watching them battle their insecurities. It was done naturally and ina realistic manner. I loved how Laurelyn and Jack were with each other and their dialogue with each other. I laughed a lot and then would have moments where I couldn't help a few tears. Then the sex... tastefully done. I really liked how it was written. She didn't write it in the typical smexy manner... she was descript, but not so much so that it borderlined a major porno. I really liked it, I expect the typical crazy sex scene... they were still intense moments between the characters, but not overly done.
As for the other characters... Addison, Laurelyn's best friend and reason Laurelyn is in Australia, was a pretty good character. I was sort of disappointed we didn't see her as much as I figured and thought she should've been there more. They are in a foreign country together, but still that didn't even get me really. I mainly wanted to know more about her and Zac. I hope Georgia decides to write a book about them. Zac we didn't get much of a voice from and Ben, Addison's brother and why they're visiting Australia, .... I can't really say what I want to without spoilers and I don't want to do that. But he irritated me a lot.
Again, I truly loved Beauty From Pain. It was amazing and that ending... *dies* Is there anyway to have book 2 sooner? Yes, yes I know everyone says that, but really the ending left me an emotional wreck and I am anxiously for more of Laurelyn and Jack's story. Another great book from Georgia Cates!