Delirium  - Lauren Oliver
Okay, so I'm not going to do a long review of this one. More of a mini, so I'm skipping the summary here and just going into characters and such because well... I'm a little mixed about this one.
I really liked Delirium and the charcters we are given in Delirium. Lena is a great character, though very nieve and that sort of grated on me at times. I just didn't see how a person couldn't see what was going on around them, but when you are raised and taught to see only what is in front of you as it is and don't dig into things too much... I guess that's how they will be. Lena has been taught that love is wrong, affection of any kind is wrong. But too me, I thought she would question it more because of the pieces of her childhood she does remember. Hana I liked a lot. She was pushy and outgoing and looked around her. She acted more like a typical teenager. I didn't like the choices she made at the end though. After all the rebelling and then...? Really? Now Alex... *swoons* I am sooooo Team Alex. I love Alex. He is just... I don't know the words. I liked how he handled everything he did and handled himself. I liked that he was able to help open Lena's eyes to what was really going on and how willing he was to help her. He really cared about her and I am pretty heartbroke about everything that occurred and anxious to know what happens next. Gracie... she is a sweetie and I feel horrble for how she is treated. the world they are in... honestly makes my skin crawl. Emotionless and stale and just unloving... to be taught that its wrong to love even your own children and to take that ability away is horrible and wrong and I would so rebel against their government. It is all about control and fear.
Now going into this I was excited... like crazy excited. I have read SO MANY amazing things about Delirium and there is so much hype about the series and then I read it... and omg... it isn't what I thought. At all. The hype... well it kind of ruined it for me. It was a great book don't get me wrong... it just... I don't know the word for it. Left me.. unfullfilled maybe? It was also more of a love story than a dystopian, which I was more than ok with. I like a good dystopian, but sometimes those worlds can be too much for me and I end up in tears and wanting to strangle a character.. which granted I did with Delirium too, but still... it was more romance to me.
So said and done... I loved the book it was great and will be reading the rest of the series... thank God I waited until the end of the series was released to read it. I might go crazy waiting. It is worth the read and I will tell people to pick it up!