Unbroken - Melody Grace
Holy freaking smokes Batman!
I LOVED Unbroken. That may be an understatement. This book is concreted into my top books of 2013. Firmly.
Unbroken is... I'm at a loss of words and probably should wait to write this review because it probably won't be the greatest review and do Unbroken the justice I feel it deserves.
I will start by saying when I saw the cover reveal on several of the blog I followed, I knew I loved the cover and the blurb made me want to read the book for sure. I entered the giveaways with hopes of winning, but knew no matter what I'd be sure to get a copy buy it or win it, and I won it. Excited is an understatement and I watched my email like a mad women. When I got my copy I got to it right away and I did not expect what I read at all.
There are books that grab us. Some are just amazing in their own way, some play on our emotions so completely we are drug in, some we can relate to just slightly and some just grab hold firmly and touch everything. Unbroken was that for me. It hit home for me... hard. Big time and so completely that some of the reason I cried... because I so did... was because of how at home it hit. I've had that hurricane, mine didn't end so well lol, and there were so many philosophies and mottos and values put into words in Unbroken that I've sworn by for years. Even the song... Gone by Montgomery Gentry... struck home for me. It's been a go to song for me and that point in my life as well as their song Speed. Unbroken was an amazing story and well written that held a lot of meaning for me.
I really liked how the book was written. I loved Juliet's voice and tone. I liked the stories flow. To me it progressed well and had a great pace. Nothing felt rushed. Nothing felt unrealistic or over done. Nothing felt over dramatic to me. I liked how everything was in the present with the flashbacks to the past. It really put things into prospective. I liked how it played out.
The characters... I loved Juliet. She was very relatable for me and I just liked her. She had a sort of lost or hidden strength. She didn't realize how strong she was at all and she really was in her own way. People handle and deal with things in their lives differently and she handled what was thrown at her the only way she knew how. She built walls, tucked it all away and tried to handle her emotions, but they were just a lot. She was still fun and had a great personality. Emerson sounds amazing. He has his own set of issues concerning family and his self esteem. He truely loved Juliet and you could see that. He was hard, but caring... tough, but gentle. He was a great guy with a good personality. He picked up the pieces and made something of himself while Juliet was away, but still let his issues get in the way. He took "If you love her, let her go" to a whole new level. Juliet and Emerson's chemistry was explosive and electric. They were passionate and hot. I loved them together. I also liked many of the other characters. Lacey was a good friend and I loved her personality. She was easy too love, but at times way too judgemental and pushy. She needed to not push Juliet whe. she did and just be there, but I liked her concern for her friend when she was the one to help pick up the pieces before. Daniel was also easy to love. He was a gentleman and caring. He was also pushy in places that he shouldn't push. There are issues and problems that can't be fixed and he needex to see that. But I still loved how loyal of a person he was and how caring and selfless, even when he was heartbroken. I liked Brit, Emerson's sister. She was hurt and loved her brother fiercely. I understood her hostility towards Juliet from the beginning and not just because Emerson was her brother. Garrett seemed cool too. There were so many amazing characters and I seriously hope we see more of them in their own books and more of Juliet and Emerson.
As I've said a million times in this review, I loved Unbroken. It was an amazing story of love, loss, healing, finding oneself and finding the way home. It was heartfelt and emotional. It was well written, all the emotions came acoss so well and so vividly. It was fun and heartbreaking and healing. It was amazing in so many ways and really struck home for me. I am so glad to have read this book and it will stay planted firmly on my favorites of the year and all time. This will be one I tell people to read and recommend to anyone who will listen. Great book.