Circus of the Damned   - Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita Blake #3 was a cluster-f$&@ of action and it didn't take long to start. Just like other books we start with Anita in a meeting with perspective customer and we get the first part of our storyline right off the bat. It isn't all that new... what's the daytime location and name of the Master of the City? This is a burning question from the last book, which only Anita and her readers know... Jean-Claude. Whom I might add is still hot after a date with Anita... oh and her accepting the third mark. After a pretty hilarious meeting, we're wisked off to the police business portion of our story. A murder commited by a vampire. Now we get our reason for dragging Jean-Claude officially into the story when she goes to see him at the Circus of the Damned. That first moment goes... well the only way anything with Anita goes messy. She does not catch a break... ever. Here we meet a mystery man... one I really like... Richard Zeeman. He has the same college degree as Anita, but teaches junior high science. He actually gets Anita to agree to a date... yay! But things just keep happening and well there is a whole lot to this book. I'm not going to summarize anymore of it because... well I'm too worried about giving something away.
We see more of the lycanthropes in this one, in the way of werewolves and unfortunately snakes. We also see some creatures we didn't know about and some crazy old vampires. Way old. We see Anita's good buddy Edward again (or as the vamps refer to him... Death). In this one, I'm beginning to think there's something more there, at least for him. We see Jean-Claude of course... as persistent as ever and as angsty as ever. Although we start to see that for him it may not be about gaining someone as powerful as Anita, but more and we see Anita question a few things. Then we meet Richard. I like Richard, he seems intelligent, quirky, sweet and caring. It also makes for one Hell of a love triangle because he is technically Jean-Claude's. This will make for some interesting books.
Anita kind of bugged me in this one... she has bugged me in all of them a little, but still. She is just too awkward at being a girl. I get it I was a tomboy, but there are still times where a girl can be a girl and needs to be. She's just way too awkward about it and bitchy about it. I do however like that she actually gets injured, its not brushed over or where she miraculously heals... well, nevermind here. Not giving a spoiler. Its done realistically. Like the other books, it has good flow and is fast paced. There were times it drug with information I could've really cared less about, but those points were few. I do want to continue on with the series and will be reading book 4. I am kind of hoping for a little more romance, but I want to keep the action andystery that goes on. I like that we are solving something, hut that there are other storylines in there. So... onto book 4.

Quotes I liked:
"'Good-bye, Mr. Inger, it's been really unpleasant."
Ruebens stopped in the doorway and hissed at me, "You are an abomination before God."
"Jesus love you, too," I said smiling. He slammed the door behind him." pg. 6

"Yasmeen did, but she continued to stare at me as if I'd sprouted a second head. "Where did you find her, Jean-Claude? The kitten has teeth."
"Tell Yasmeen what the vampires call you, Anita."
It sonded too much like an order, but this didn't seem the time to bitch at him. "The Executioner."
Yasmeen's eyes widen; then she smiled, flashing a lot of fang. "Ithoght you'd be taller."
"It disappoints me, too, sometimes," I said." pg. 40

"'Jesus, are all vampires over two hundred perverts?"
"I am over two hundred," Jean-Claude said.
"I rest my case.'" pg. 41

"'Never taking a chance is the worst failure of all, Anita.'" pg. 88

"'Hell," I said. "Definitely Hell."
"What, ma petite?"
"I was wondering where I was. If you're here, it has to be Hell.'" pg.286