Spirit  - Brigid Kemmerer
•Credit to the publisher for the copy of "Spirit" to read and review.
•Some quotes and review may be a little spoilery if you have not read the first books in the series

Spirit is the third full-length novel in the Elementals series and Hunter's part in the story. Spirit picks up right where Spark left off. Things are rocky between the Merrick's and Hunter, Hunter's homelife is rough, and things are on edge in the Elementals world. They're all trying to lay low in order to keep more Guides from coming to town, but other people have other ideas and are still wrecking havoc on their town. Hunter and the Merrick's are trying to save themselves and try to keep others from getting hurt as things escalate to life and death, but Hunter doesn't know who to trust including the new girl at school Kate. Things definitely go crazy and are nothing but action packed, with twists and turns I never saw coming! It has been getting REALLY HARD to surprise me on things with as much as I've been reading, so the surprises in this rocked me to the core. This one gets emotional too!
I'm not going to go into too much more of a summary. It's hard to do without giving away too much from the book and from the previous books. Spirit is definitely action packed and fast paced, and just like the others I did not want to put it down for anything. Not even for things like making dinner or sleep, lol. The world that Kemmerer builds is awesome. She is still writing the books in todays world, but as flawlessly added in the Elementals abilities. They mesh so well with each other and in to every day life. I love how she created the abilities her characters have. I also really like that she not only has written the boys and other characters dealing with supernatural issues, but real life issues. Things that adults and teens alike deal with all the time. Loss, grief, trust, sex, discrimination, bullying, life choices like going to college, and prejudice ad so many others are thrown into these books. They make for a very interesting read.
I really felt for Hunter, and Kate for that matter. They have been taught and trained not to truat anyone and that issue is huge in Spirit. Hunter is so back and forth that at times I wanted to scream, but it's really hard to overcome things taught to you since childhood. Kate as well, we see her thrown completely off balance by not just Hunter but the Merricks. I liked the growth Hunter has in Spirit and he grows a lot as a character. I have to say I'm sort of proud of him. I like Kate too. She is spunky and bold. She definitely does not hold back with certain things and it made for great banter between her and Hunter. I loved so many of their moments. They had a few steamy moments too. Those two are by far the most combustible of the couples so far.
We see all our great characters again, except we don't see much of Quinn (thank you very much... I still don't like her). I really liked the role Michael takes in Spirit. In Spirit and Spark he really stepped up and was the voice of reason in things. It made me remember many of the reasons I liked him in Elemental. Chris and Becca are still their usual selves. Nick we STILL don't get a whole lot from... he is Mr. Secretive and I'm dying to get my hands on his book. Gabriel... I have officially decided after this book that he is my favorite. He definitely adds the hilarity to the books. I love the banter between all the characters, I say this constantly I know, but I just love the banter done with him. He is still an ass at times and quick tempered, but I love it. Hannah, Michael's leading lady, is seen more in this one too and I loved her! I can't wait to see more of her. I relate to her so much... she still acts very much like a girl, but she's a guys girl. As in she is like one of the guys. I seriously can't wait to get to know her better.
Overall, Spirit has to be my favorite so far. I LOVED Spark, but Spirit was just epic. It was about finding yourself, finding love and friendship, and learning to trust and overcome. I liked Hunter in the other books and was happy that he took more and more of a role in them. I love the fact that he was integrated into the series and given his own book. This is one of my new go-to series and a favorite for me. I will be following it in its entirety and anxiously awaiting the next release!

Quotes: (Be prepared... there's a lot of them)
"The first day you meet, you are friends. The next day, you are brothers."

"She shifted the bag higher on her shoulder. "You're big on staring, huh?"
He jerked his eyes away, feeling heat course up his neck. "Sorry."
"Don't apologize. Just don't blame me for staring back.'" Kindle location 382

"'I bet I could strip naked and this guy wouldn't even notice."
Hunter's pulse jumped. But this was easier, looking at the phone instead of into her eyes. "I would notice.'" Kindle location 415

"'Just transferred from St. Mary's in Annapolis."
Now he was imagining her in a little plaid skirt and kneehigh socks. Another text appeared.
"Stop imagining me in the outfit."
He grinned." Kindle location 418

"'What does the tattoo on your arm say?"
He slid his fingers across the keys. "It says "ask me about this tattoo.'
"Liar." Kindle location 422

"'Seriously. Where'd you learn to fight like that?"
"Ninja school."
"Funny'" Kindle location 656 I loved the texts between Hunter and Kate in case no one could tell.

"'Fine," said Hunter. "But you can't blame me if I end up punching Gabriel in the face."
"Don't worry," said Michael. "He usually deserves it." kindle location 933

"'I am going to stare at you until you respond. O_O"
It made him smile. He told himself to knock it off. His phone vibrated again.
And again.
Hunter slid his thumb across the keys.
"Careful. Your eyes will dry out."
As always, her response appeared almost instantly.
"I knew the staring would get you'" kindle location 1044

"'Gabriel can come on like a freight train, but he doesn't hate you."
Hunter wasn't too sure about that.
"Chris, either."
"Really? So Chris turning the water ice cold while I was in the shower was friendly?"
"Gabriel paid him twenty bucks to do that." Hunter smiled.
Nick added, "And then felt like a moron when I told him he could have just turned off the hot water heater in the basement..."
Hunter laughed softly." kindle location 1077

"'Are you going to take the EMT course with Gabriel in the spring?"
He glanced over in surprise. He hadn't even considered it.
She was looking back at him. "What's with the look? I thought you guys were best friends."
"Not really."
"You braid his hair wrong or something?"
Hunter smiled. He liked this girl. "Something like that." kindle location 1873

"Because the alternative is going crazy? If you can't fix what's wrong, you focus on what you can make right." kindle location 1883

"Layne poked Gabriel's cheek. "Did you always look surly? How old are you in that picture?"
Gabriel was staring at the grainy reproduced photograph. "Twelve? Thirteen? I don't know.'" kindle location 1983 I love this because Layne has such a way with Gabriel.

"'I wasn't hassling Nick."
Michael put up a hand. "Nick said the same thing, and then they started arguing, and I just wanted to blow my brains out because I didn't realize I was living in a juvenile detention center."
"Nice," said Hannah." kindle location 2387

"'You're incorrigible."
"Are you complaining?"
"Ah. . . no.'" kindle location 2963 I love Hunter and Kate, they're cute.

"'There are tunnels under the school," Michael said.
Gabriel snorted. "You mean the old bomb shelter? That's a joke they play on freshmen. Like the swimming pool on the roof."
"No, it's not."
"How do you know?"
Michael gave him a look. "Gee. I don't know. How could I possibly know about TUNNELS in the GROUND-'" kindle location 3218 more Gabriel and Michael

"'... You were mad that I left you BEHIND?"
"Hell yes! Nicky never wants to do that stuff."
Hunter was touched. "I'm getting all misty."
"F*ck you." kindle location 3345 Gabriel and Hunter, lol.

"'I'm sorry I was a shitty friend," he said.
"I'm not sure 'shitty' covers it."
"I can't believe I almost killed you two weeks ago."
Gabriel rolled his eyes. "I can. You're kind of a moron.'" kindle location 3370

"'Wait a minute'" said Gabriel. "Someone knows what the secret tattoo says?"
Hunter gave him a look. "It's not a secret. It's not a secret. It's on my ARM." kindle location 3377

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