Don't Bite the Bridesmaid - Tiffany Allee
***A copy was provided from the publisher via Netgalley***

If you are looking for a fun, cute and quick read then you will find it with Don't Bite The Bridesmaid. It was an adorably quick read for me. There were no crazy hardcore issues put out there to deal with really. It was nice that you did not have to keep up with this huge vampire family tree, it was real simple and put out there. There were no complications to it, it was just that simple. Although the details to the vampirism were a little... scratch your head at times. And though I enjoyed the simplicity of this book, Alice and Cindy's acceptance of things was a little too easy for me.
Alice needs a date to her sisters wedding and who better than her hot neighbor Noah. They are just acquaintances and don't know a lot about each other, including Alice not knowing this little detail... this one where Noah is a vampire. Aloce also does not realize what Noah is avoiding, just that he is. All she cares about is that he is hot and that she HAS to have a date for her sister Cindy's wedding. Asking him gets a little wobbly and Noah doesn't seem too thrilled about it, but they end up off and on their way. On this wedding cruise Noah and Alice have a few bumps, learn a few.things about each other and themselves and have some hot, steamy moments that will send you to a cold shower for sure.
The characters were just like rest of the book great, simple and easy to follow. Our main characters Alice and Noah were both likeable, though both at times were a little angsty to me. Noah broods... a lot, but Alice really brings out a light heartedness to him that I loved. I also love how protective he is of her. Alice I liked because she tried to maintain an optimistic outlook on things. She was light hearted and brought that out of people, as did her sister Cindy. Alice did have her brooding moments though and she did deserve them. What she went through was in my opinion disgusting and how she didn't punch someone I will never know. The secondary characters were great too. I really like Alice's sister Cindy. She was sweet and would kick some butt for her sister. Charles, Noah's "brother", was pretty great too. I hope he has his own story I like when the playboys find love.
Don't Bite The Bridesmaid was definitely a cute book and one I would reccommend people read. It is also a series that I will probably follow because it was such a refreshing and light thing to read among everything else that I've been reading. So take a break and read this, it is worth the read for sure.

"She was trying to convince him. Not herself. And if she repeated that three times, maybe she'd believe it." kindle location 991

"'I'd play this all cool and stuff, but the second you turn on your phone my cover would be ruined anyway. I... may have left you a few voicemails."
He grinned and spun her around on the dance floor." kindle location 2398