Wanted - Kelly Elliott
I really wasn't sure how to rate and review Wanted. I wish Goodreads did quarter and/or half stars because I didn't want to go with a three, but I didn't want a four either. I have mixed feelings about this one for sure.
Wanted is mainly about Ellie and Gunner, whose real name is Drew and is Ellie's brothers best friend and roommate, but we also get the story of Ellie's best friend Arianna or Ari and older Brother Jeff or Jefferson. Ellie was basically raised by her brother Jeff, as the their mother is a drunk and verbally abusive to both of them. She has royally screwed up both Jeff and Ellie. Neither thinks to highly of themselves and believes that no one will ever want them. This causes a whole lot of issues in them attempting to start relationships... Ellie with Gunner and Jeff with Ari. Wanted is about overcoming those insecurities and finding love and happiness.
Now Ellie and Gunner's story completely unfolds in Wanted, but we have a major cliffhanger when it came to Jeff and Ari. That one about killed me. I want to know how they turn out and will be reading book 2... Saved. Ok... so... I liked the story. They story itself was great, but what bugged me was how it was told. They tone and dialogue of the book didn't match the characters to me... their age group doesn't talk like that. Also the whole instantaneous sttuff drove me a little crazy. Certain things went naturally while others just... went too quickly. How fast Gunner and Ellie fell for each other buggged me. How it was described bugged me, but the story & my curiosity kept me going. How Ari and Jeff went at each other and how Jeff was at times bugged me, but I liked them the most. At times things were just way too cookie cutter, but then at other time everything was good. The cursing didn't even bother me. The mean girls in the book were seriously done perfectly though. But as I said I like the story content and the tone & dialogue at times were fine. I will say I think Wanted needs another run through by the editor, there were a lot of basic writing mistakes that would normally drive me nuts and did at times, but to me that isn't enough to ruin a good story. I got through the book and enjoyed it overall. Like I said I wish I had quarter and half stars. I will also be reading Saved because I'm too curious to see how Jeff and Ari's rather large issue that became the cliffhanger in wanted will turn out.