Hourglass - Myra McEntire
Hourglass is officially an all time favorite! I loved this book and I am excited about this series. It was a refreshing read because it was something different... maybe it was different just for to me... but that is what counts for me. I haven't read anything like it and I loved it!
Emerson see's dead people. Well she thinks she see's dead people and thanks to this and the loss of her parents it has been a very rough road for her. Emerson has returned to her hometown to live with her brother and her brother brings in Michael Weaver to help Emerson deal with her "problem". Little does anyone realize what is really going on and what Emerson truely see's.
There is so much to say about this book that I don't know where to start. Myra did so many amazing things with so many elements. She made a unique paranormal story with great characters. She even mixed in a little history. I loved getting to know Emerson and Michael as well as all the other members of the Hourglass and Emerson's family... plus friend. Emerson's charcter rocked. She has been though so much tragedy in her life and she really is broken, but she is a fighter. She isn't at all fearless,but she doesn't let fear stop her. She doesn't let her past cripple her as some would. SHe continuously fights to keep going and that makes for a great character. Her sarcasm... oh was I laughing hysterically at times. I had so many flags and quotes that I decided to skip the quotes. I just could not pick which ones to use. Michael also a great charcter. He is polite and tries to follow the rules, but in the end he still does what he feels is right no matter the cost. He is very caring and a sweet guy. I liked the romance between them because it was this love at first site thing... it wasn't "he's hot... I love you". They had a connection and went from there. They talked, got to know each other... worked with each other. They developed and from what I can tell will still be developing even in the other books. I loved that Myra went with the idea of having someone your connected to... two halves to a whole or soulmate kind of thing with her romance.
I was impressed with the way Myra wrote in the paranormal. The people of the Hourglass all have abilities and they are all pretty uniquely done. Even Em's friend Lily, who isn't related to the Hourglass group in anyway, has a pretty cool ability. The supporting characters were amazing in this book. I loved them... all but Ava. We really didn't get a whole lot about them, but we did get a good introduction to Lily and Kaleb. Kaleb is as swoon worthy as Michael... *falls over* I liked Kaleb a lot. He was all tough guy on the outside and great guy on the inside and I liked his story. He related a lot to Emerson and it was pretty cool.
Hourglass is a must read. You have to pick it up... I don't understand what took me so long. It rocked. I loved it. I could go on for days. It was hilarious and sweet and unique and fun. I already checked book two out of the library! This is a new favorite series for me!