The Billionaire's Christmas Baby - Victoria  James
This was a sweet and heartwarming read.
Hannah has had a hell of a life and now she has a baby left at her doorstep. Figuring out what she needs to do, Hannah hunts down the very private and jaded CEO Jackson. She has to convince Jackson to adopt the little infant in order for the little girl to have a better life. She does not expect what she finds in Jackson, neither expect the change theirs lives are about to make.
Hannah is a sweet, stubborn, optimistic women with a couple underlying insecurities. She works very hard for what she believes in and even though she has never had a Christmas worth much she still has a love for the holiday. Jackson's life had been full of disappointment and loss. He has no family left and plans on living his life the way he has for years. Until he meets Hannah and the child she has linked to him. Jackson is just as stubborn as Hannah, but wants free of his guilt and pain. He just hadn't seen it yet because he wasn't quite ready to deal. He let his past visibly control him while Hannah hid her past and acted like wasn't running her life.
It was also a steamy read. Both characters were extremely passionate about anything they put theirs minds to... that meant each other as well. The Christmas theme behind it didn't saturate the story like I thought either. One character loved it, the other grew to like it. It took place around Christmas yes, but they let it show more fate at times rather than Christmas miracle. It was more than just a Christmas story. It was about dealing with the past and moving forward with what was handed your way. It was about finding your other half in an unconventional way... but finding that person none the less. I liked this book and it was very cute. I think it would be cool to see a Christmas story out Allison and Ethan too.